Arms Dealer [ Materials Location, Job Guide ]

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Arms Dealer [ Materials Location, Job Guide ]

Post by Wuk on Sat Dec 31, 2011 1:09 pm


LIGHT BLUE = 250 Materials.
[ For Light Blue locations - Bronze VIP 375, Silver VIP 500, Gold VIP 500, Platinum VIP 625 ]

LIGHT GREEN = 300 Materials.
[ For Light Green locations - Bronze VIP 450, Silver VIP 600, Gold VIP 600, Platinum VIP 750 ]

LIGHT RED = 450 Materials.
[ For Light Red locations - Bronze VIP 450, Silver VIP 900, Gold VIP 900, Platinum VIP 1125 ]
[ You need to use Palomino Creek Boats in order to /getmats and deliver them ]

DARK PURPLE = Job Location.
( Type /getmats then /accept job )

[ At big ammunation, in front of it, is yellow letter " i ". Use commands on it. ]

Basically, you need to /getmats and follow the red checkpoint on map.
You have the driving route here. Just deliver packages and you will recieve materials.


1. You can obtain materials, and sell them.

( /sellmats [player] [amount of mats] [price cash] and he will get an offer )
If you collect lower then let's say 50,000 materials ( 50k ) you should sell for 10 each.
If you collect like 100,000 materials ( 100k ) you can sell for 12, 13, even 14 each. Which way you earn 200k for just selling huger amount. ( 300k, 400k ).

2. You can obtain materials, increase your skill ( /skill 6 ) and sell guns instead.

( /sellgun [player] [weapon name] but first make sure he pay you )
Check list of which guns you can make by using /sellgun command.
The trick is, first get higher level arms dealer selling sdpistol to yourself.
( /sellgun [your name] sdpistol - and you will get skill just losing 100 mats).
If you made a gun to yourself, you can always give it to somebody else.
( /giveweapon [player] [weapon name] but first make sure he pay you )


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