Craftsman [ Job Guide ]

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Craftsman [ Job Guide ]

Post by Wuk on Fri Dec 30, 2011 11:46 pm

Credits [ Who made the list ]: Benny Smith
Where to obtain materials so you can /craft :HERE


Here is the list of all the things that craftsman can craft
and what they are used for:

Screwdriver (1000 Materials)
Used for Arms Dealers to make their guns.
Price = 8 - 12k
Command: None

Wristwatch (500 Materials)
Used to check the time in the top right of your screen instead of using /time.
Price = 4k - 7k
Command: /wristwatch

SmsLog (2000 Materials)
Used for checking the last 10 text messages you received on your phone.
Price = 20k - 24k
Command: /smslog

Surveillance (8000 Materials)
Used for spying on a certain place, it is invisible and when you do /sc you will view it from an eagle's eye view.
Price = 70 - 90k
Command: /PC (Place camera) /SC (See camera) /DC (Destroy camera)

Tire (250 Materials)
Used for Mechanics to be able to use /repair
Price = 2.5k - 4k
Command: /repair (For mechanics)

First Aid (1000 Materials)
Used for refilling your health.
Price = 9 - 11k
Command: /firstaid

Lock (500 Materials)
An alarm lock for your car, doesn't actually lock the car it only alarms when someone enters.
Price = 4k - 7k
Command: /lock near your car.

Camera (250 Materials)
Used for taking pictures for proof or just to RP taking pictures.
Price = 2.5k - 3k
Command: None (LMB to take pictures)

RCCAM (8000 Materials)
Used to spy on people, looks something like a flower pot. Make sure to use it wisely, the battery runs out really qiuickly. Looks like this (
Price = 80 - 100k
Command: /rccam after its crafted.

Reciever (5000 Materials)
When you make this, you will be able to hear the next four department radio messages.
Price = 40k - 60k
Command: None

Bugsweep (10000 Materials)
Used to remove bugs on your body like maybe if there is a *small camera* on your head.
Price = 90 - 110k
Command: /sweep [player] (You can do it to yourself)

GPS (1000 Materials)
The GPS is used to see the location you are in. The location of the place you are in will be shown on top of the minimap.
Price = 8 - 12k
Command: /gps to turn it on.

Parachute (50 Materials)
Used to skydive off high place or off a plane.
Price = 500 - 1k
Command: None (Use LMB to open the parachute when you are in mid air)

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